The Warmington Hoard

In July 2008 a hoard of 1141 silver Roman denarii was excavated from plough soil in Warmington parish. This highly significant collection was found in an earthenware pot, declared Treasure Trove in July 2009 and sent to the British Museum for valuation.

The coins range from 206–195 BC (Republican) to 63-64 during Emperor Nero’s reign and was the largest Roman hoard not only in Warwickshire but in the West Midlands as well. The hoard gives a rare snapshot of the coins in circulation at the time of its deposit, including as it does denarii from such periods as Republican to Pompey, Mark Antony, Julius Caeser, through Augustus to Claudius and Nero.

It is possible that the hoard was buried by the landowner during the early years of the Roman occupation due to the coins’ very high silver content – the date of the latest coin would correspond with the Empire reducing the amount of precious metal in their coinage in an effort to help their financial difficulties.

The coins were bought by Warwickshire Museum Services and are on permanent display at the county museum, Market Place, Warwick. Click here to visit their website.