1086 Domesday entry

The Domesday survey is a statistical survey of England in 1086 AD, commissioned by William the Conqueror. It is a census of the population and productive resources of the country, of their value and of who held them.

The information given about Warmintone (Warmington) shows the village at the time to be quite sizeable in relation to other neighbouring settlements. The village is listed as part of the vast holdings of the Count of Meulan.

“….in Warmington 13 hides. Azor held it; he was a free man. Land for 14 ploughs. In lordship 4; 12 slaves; 36 villagers and 8 smallholders with 14 ploughs. Meadow, 69 acres. Value before 1066 £10; now as much.”

“….in Warmington 2 1/2 hides. A man-at-arms holds from him. Azor held it freely before 1066. Value 20s. What this man-at-arms has there is enumerated with the stock of the men who are in the Count’s manor.”

Arlescote is listed separately but is also part of the Count of Meulan’s holdings.

“…….in Arlescote five hides. St Peter’s of Preaux holds from him. Land for five ploughs. In lordship one-and-a-half ploughs; two slaves; four villagers and three smallholders with two ploughs. Meadow, 12 acres. The value was and is £3. Bovi held it freely before 1066.”

There is another entry for ‘Werlavescote’  (which may correspond to Primrose Hill Farm on the west side of Arlescote), also part of the Count of Meulan’s holdings.

“……..in Werlavescote three virgates of land. Saxi held it freely before 1066. Land for one plough. It is there with two villagers. Meadow three acres. Value 2s.”