The Ketch Family

The  KETCH family of Warmington

In  some early sources the name was occasionally spelt Catch, Katch or Keache. The  family name is found in Warmington records from the 1670s to the 1870s. Because of deficiencies in the  parish register around the 1730s, the family line cannot be traced through this period with certainty.

*MI  – Memorial Inscription

John  KETCH, weaver, parish clerk, schoolmaster, died 1696 MI*,  married first  Alis MI  died  1670,  aged 24. Married second,  Elizabeth  and had issue:

1.  William bapt. 1671, married 1696 Elianor GRANT of Hanwell

2.  John 1673-1742, weaver, churchwarden, parish clerk married  Mary GASCOIGNE  died 1753. They had issue:

i.  John 1700-1703

ii.  Elizabeth baptised  1702

iii.  Ann 1704-29 MI

iv.  Mary 1707-29 MI

v.  Richard 1709-1775, a  labourer  who  married Anne  and had one child and heir Elizabeth,  1757-1810.  She  marriedJohn  MITCHELL  (c1751-1841)  labourer of Hook Norton in  1777. They had six  children.

vi.  Jane 1712-29 MI

vii.  Marke 1717-1782 married Mary  and had five children:

Richard  baptised 1761

William  died 1767

Mary  1769-1777

Phebe  baptised 1771. Had daughter Jane KETCH 1795-95.

Richard  & Elizabeth, baptised 1680

Thomas  baptised 1682, who  married  first  Hannah WILKINS(1713),  second  Elizabeth TOMSON  (1727),  died 1733  and third  Ann PARISH (1734)

John  KETCH married Mary, c1739-1816  who had one child James  1774-1826  who  married Elizabeth  and had issue:

1.  Phebe baptised 1802

2.  Richard, labourer, 1804-52, married 1830 Anne GARDNER 1804-70.  They had issue:

i.  Emma, baptised 1830

ii.  Harriette, 1832-51 of Warwick

iii.  Eliza 1834-34

iv.  James, carter, 1835-64

v.  William baptised 1837, marr. Charlotte, born in  Mollington  in  1844.  They had five children:

James  F born 1865

Ada  A born 1867

George  William born 1869

Emma  baptised 1873

Elizabeth  baptised 1875

vi.  Elizabeth baptised 1840

vii.  Thomas 1842-43

viii.  Emmanuel baptised 1844

ix.  Alice baptised 1847. She  had  a  daughter  Sarah baptised 1869

x.  Hester  baptised 1850

3.  Hannah 1807-07

Where  did the KETCH family live?

The  second John KETCH in the family tree married, around 1700, Mary GASCOIGNE one of the daughters of Richard  and Mary GASCOIGNE. The GASCOIGNEs were a long-established Warmington family, one branch of which lived  for several generations on the corner of what we today call Middle Street and School Lane. In a document  of 15 July 1707, Richard GASCOIGNE settled his family home, today called Sunnyside, on his daughter  Mary, her husband John KETCH and their children.

In  due course, Sunnyside descended to their son Richard, whose only child Elizabeth KETCH married John  MITCHELL. The MITCHELLs lived at Sunnyside until 1783 when they sold the property and moved elsewhere  in the village.

In  this instance, information from property deeds helps to clarify and confirm relationships within a family.