Burial Payments

Sums of money paid to the Rector, Revd J Farrer, for burials

(these appear to relate to the period 1779 to 1791)

April 18th 1779 Recd for burying Mrs Rebecca Burrows of this Parish in the Church, 6s 8d

Sept. 6th 1782 Recd of —– Davis 6s 8d  for burying Simon Huggins of (Hampton or Bampton) in the churchyd

April (-?) 1783 Recd of John Hitchock (sic) of Crouch 6s 8d  for burying his Daughter Phoebe Hitchcock in the Churchyd

Recd of the Executrs of Timothy Goodwin Esq, a present of 10s  6d  for burying in the Church  April 27th 1784

Recd of the Relations of Wm. Hickson of the Parish of ——– Decbr  5th 1785, 6s 8d  for burying in the churchyd

Augst  13th 1788 Recd of Dr. Loveday of Wilscot 1£ 1s 0d  for burying Mrs Abigail Goodwin in the Church

March 14th 1789 Recd of Robt. Faulkner for burying John Hitchcox of Crouch 6s 8d       Dr for putting down a Flat Stone 10d  churchy’d

May 12th Recd of John Cleaver for putting down a grave stone for his wife in the Churchyard 6s. 8d.

June 28th rec’d of the wife of John Walton of the Parish of (possibly Hanwell?) for burying in the Church yard 6s  8d

Seper 30th  recd of Thos Timms of the Parish of Satchel 6s  8d  for burying his son in this Churchyard, Being poor, returned it again.