Coggins Family

COGGINS family of Warmington



John COGGINS, an agricultural labourer, was the first bearer of the name in Warmington. According to the 1841 census he was born outside Warwickshire, probably around 1775. He married Sarah LETTS in Warmington church in January 1796. LETTS was not a Warmington name. She was born, also out of county, around 1776 and died in a typhus epidemic in 1826. John died in 1843. The couple had eight children


1. The first child was born two months before their marriage and was baptised either Sarah (according to the parish register) or Ann (according to the bishop’s transcript).


2. The second child was William, 1798 – 1818.


3. The third child was James. Born in 1800, he married Elizabeth OWEN in 1822. James was an agricultural worker and it is assumed he worked for the HUGGINS family of Warmington, who also owned or tenanted a farm at Westcote Barton in Oxfordshire. James, Elizabeth and some of their children moved to Westcote between the 1841 and 1851 censuses and at the latter date were living there, next door to farmer Simon HUGGINS and his wife Sarah, nee JUDD. (Mrs Sarah HUGGINS’ mother was nee OWEN, so there is a possible relationship).


James and Elizabeth COGGINS had four children born in Warmington


a. William, 1823 – , was married to Ann and living in Westcote in 1851. The 1881 census shows him living in nearby Steeple Barton, married to Martha A.


b. Mary, 1826 – , was a living-in servant at the Hare and Hounds (now the Wobbly Wheel) in Warmington in 1841.


c. Ann, 1832 – , lived with her parents at Westcote in 1851 and she was a glove-maker.


d. Sarah, 1837 – .


4. The fourth child of John and Sarah was Thomas, born in 1802, an agricultural labourer. Thomas’ wife was Agness, born in Scotland. The couple had seven children in Warmington, but seem to have left the village before 1861.


a. John, 1831 – , an agricultural labourer, took lodgings in the village after his parents left.


b. Abigail, 1834 – , was a living-in servant with George SMITH and his wife in 1851.


c. William, 1836 – . In 1881 he was living in Harborne, Staffs. He was a carter. His wife Martha had been born in Birmingham. They had seven children, three born in Birmingham, followed by four born in Smethwick. Their youngest daughter was Agness, named after her grandmother.


d. Charlotte, 1839 – .


e. Emma 1842 – .


f. Thomas 1845 – . In 1881 he was living in Ladywood Road, Birmingham, with a wife born in Shropshire and a 10 year old son, John D., born in Aston. Thomas was a journeyman jeweller.


e. Ann, 1848 – .


5. The fifth child of John and Sarah was Elizabeth, 1806-66, who married George HAWKES in 1830. George was a shepherd and the son of Michael HAWKES and his wife Sarah nee KEY. Sarah was a member of the fourth generation of KEYs in the village, many of them shoemakers. Elizabeth & George HAWKES, c1806 – 1858, had six children


a. William HAWKES, 1831-1909, blacksmith, parish clerk, carrier, school attendance officer, trustee of the Warmington Court of the Ancient Order of Foresters. Married 1859 Rhoda BAUGHEN and had one child Henry (Harry) HAWKES.


b. George HAWKES, 1833 – 1891. He and his wife had ten children born in Warmington.


c. Sarah, 1835 – 37.


d. Ann, 1838 – .


e. Sarah, 1843 – .


f. Michael, 1846 – . A blacksmith like his eldest brother with whom he probably worked. After the death of his parents, he lived with his maternal aunt, Sarah CAMBRAY (1871 census).


6. The sixth child of John and Sarah was John, 1809 – 1875, an agricultural labourer. He married Charlotte HYATT of Horley at Warmington in 1833. He lived for a time in nearby Tysoe, where his children were born. He was back in Warmington for the 1851 and ’61 census, dying in the village in 1875. The couple had six children


a. Anne, 1834 – , had a son Richard COGGINS, who was brought up by his grandparents.


b. Edward, 1838 – 1908. Edward’s first wife Elizabeth died shortly after the birth of their only child who died a few weeks later. Edward then married Edith SHARMAN of Shotteswell, who already had a son, Alfred, who is given the name COGGINS in the 1871 & ’81 census. Edward and Edith had three children. The eldest was Emma, born 1868. Emma had two sons, Charles Edward and Donald COGGINS who were brought up by their grandparents in Warmington. They were both killed in World War One. Emma married, in 1901, Walter BLOXHAM, son of Noah BLOXHAM. Walter was a Warmington man, but by the time of his marriage was living in Sidcup, Kent, where he was a coachman. Walter and Emma’s son, Owen William BLOXHAM, was baptised in Warmington in 1904. The other children of Edward and Edith were Mary Jane, born 1872, and James (Jim) born 1875. Jim had two daughters, Edith Elizabeth (Edie) and Martha. Jim’s family lived in a cottage (now gone) in Keys Lane, and he worked for Fred SEAGE of Glen Farm.


c. The third child of John and Charlotte was Eli, 1840 – 40.


d. The fourth child was Emma, 1843 – .


e. The fifth child was Henry, 1845 – .


f. The sixth child was George, 1847 – .


7. The seventh child of John and Sarah was George, 1814 – 1880. He was a farm worker who married three times. His first wife Mary was born in Witney. She was the mother of his children, but died in 1854 aged 45. George later married Charlotte HARRISON, aged 43, a widowed lace-maker and daughter of Daniel HOWES, a labourer. Charlotte died in 1868 and George married another widow, Elizabeth GARDNER, a 61 year old sempstress, daughter of Daniel DUMBLETON, a labourer. George and his first wife Mary had five children; only the youngest lived all his life in the village


a. The first child was Elizabeth, 1838 – .


b. The second was Thomas, born in 1839, who married a native of West Bromwich. They were living there in 1881 with a daughter Charlotte aged 9. He was a labourer in an iron foundry.


c. The third child was Jabez, born in 1841. By 1881 he was a greengrocer and provision merchant in Stoke-on-Trent, living with his wife, her mother and a 13 year old errand boy.


d. The fourth child was Sarah, born in 1845.


e. The fifth child was George, 1848 – 1923. He and his wife Susannah were living in part of Warmington Manor House in 1881 when his occupation was given as carrier. He later farmed at Manor Farm, before retiring to the Old Cottage in Chapel Street. George and Susannah, who do not appear to have had children, were Wesleyan Methodists and received Methodist burials in 1923 and 1933, respectively.


8. The eighth and last child of John and Sarah COGGINS was Sarah, 1817 – 1893. In 1841 she was a living-in servant at Yew Tree Cottage, Warmington, but married later the same year. Her husband was John CAMBRAY, a 26 year old shoemaker. They had four children before John’s premature death in 1849


a. The first child of Sarah and John was Mary Ann. She married in 1873 Frederick INGRAM, a plasterer of Leamington Priors, son of Joseph INGRAM, also a shoemaker. In 1881, Mary Ann and Frederick were living at 30 Cherry Street, Warwick, with three children, including a 3 week old baby. Their eldest daughter, Mary P INGRAM, was staying temporarily with her grandmother at Chapel Cottage in Warmington.


b. Sarah and John’s second child, and only son, was John. He married Jane RANDLE, a 40 year old spinster, daughter of Joseph RANDLE, labourer, comparatively late in life in 1893, but died in 1897 aged 52.


c. The third child was Priscilla, 1846 – 1860.


d. The fourth child was Maria. When she was 22 she married 26 year old Solomon BUSBY, a journeyman tailor, of Neithrop, Banbury, son of Edward BUSBY, also a tailor. The couple were living in Warmington at the time of the 1871 census. Their child, John Frederic BUSBY, an infant, was buried in Warmington on 7th July in the same year.