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Stars & Archaeology.

Hanwell Castle

25-26 September 2021. Saturday noon to 6pm. Sunday 10.30am to 6pm.

Enjoy the Woodland Walk, Follow the Archaeology Trail, Visit Hanwell Community Observatory, Meet the Sealed Knot Society.

Adults: £5.   Under 18s: £2.   Under 5s: Free.      Teas in the garden £3

For more information see: hanwellobservatory.org.uk   and   www.polyolbion.org.uk

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Dig reveals domestic life in the iron age

Link to an article in The Guardian Sunday 14th February 2021:


Dig Ventures website: https://digventures.com/earth-trust/timeline


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Sacred Southam…..

Peter Christopher has had some thoughts about Southam. He has not included references, but nevertheless  members might be interested in this short set of notes (sent out by e-mail to members) about Southam put  together after studying Lidar (using National Library of Scotland  side by side geo referenced maps ) which hints at a large circular enclosure at the  confluence of the Itchen and Stowe rivers at Southam. This feature appears slightly larger than the circular enclosure at Prescote near Cropredy at a confluence along the Cherwell.  There is much intriguing  ‘evidence’ around this market town that makes for a good story when everything is added up.

If anyone is interested Peter can easily direct them to the sources used in the hopes this might encourage others to look into these matters further


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A link to the hoard of coins found in Warmington:


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 Warmington Heritage did a project on Grove Farm a few years ago and there is a video on YouTube of Liz Newman speaking in 2012 about the Grove Farm project in a panel session entitled ‘Engaging With History’ at the Tenth Warwick Symposium on Parish Research, ‘Parish Studies Today’.

The link to the YouTube video is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p2ajBOuu_Co

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Information required.

We are hoping to record how the village got it’s water supply in years gone by, including the use of springs, wells and hydraulic ram pumps (or any other methods of supply). Please use the “Contact Us” link at the bottom right of this page if you can help. Thank you.

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Edge Hill Light Railway

A new website for the EHLR has been created: ehlr.rocks  This is an evolving website and any help with their research into the EHLR will be welcomed. Please have a look at this interesting web site.

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