County Militia 1660

County Militia 1660

(Extract from a page of the county muster now in Yale University library)

“A muster taken at Warwick 24 & 25th Oct 1660 for the whole county both horse & foot (Trayned soldiers)”

The muster was a formal inspection of the county militia and was a social occasion held over two days. The soldiers were not necessarily trained, but were liable for training.

The three Warmington men were all yeomen farmers of some standing in the village.


Village Men Muskets Pikes
Shotswell Mathew Coleman, John Abbott 0 2
Brayles cum membris William Eden, Thomas Walker, Thomas Middleton, Jos: Mills,
Rich: Taylor, Will: Wilkes, Rob: Courtis
5 2
Ratley John Harris, William Hitchcocke 1 1
Wormington Tho: Perkins, Will: Claridge, Tho: Bennit 2 1
Fenny Compton Counser Smith, Henry Pettifer, Rich: Nibbes, Math: Neale 2 2
Long Compton Tho: Hunt, Edw: Olliver, Tho: Hughes, Nickolas Currall,
Tho: Warde
3 2
Farnborough William Gariner (Gardiner?),
John Haddon
1 1
Lapworth John Shakspeare, William Lewes, William Townesend 1 2
Whitchurch cum membris Henry Morrell, John Smith, Tho: Holtum 1 2
Mollington and
Edw: Shaw, Tho: Tubbs, Nicholas Downe 1 2
Tysoe cum membris William Tomkins, Benjamin Clarke, Tho: Rose 2 1
Whitchford cum membris John Slater, John Sturch, Edw: Tims, William Berry 2 2
Hunnington cum membris John Humfreyes, William West, Christopher Berrington,
Thomas Hughes, John Gibbes
2 3